Disciplinary Policy

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Disciplinary Policy

Disciplinary Policy:

A robust Disciplinary Policy is a crucial component mandated by UAE Labor laws, encompassing a range of consequences for employee misconduct, including notices, verbal and written warnings, deductions, suspensions, and termination of employment with and without notice. These policies are specifically designed to foster a productive and respectful work environment while deterring inappropriate behavior and ensuring strict adherence to the company’s rules and regulations.

Why Choose JR Legum?

At JR Legum, our expertise is exemplified by more than a decade of direct collaboration with the MOHRE legal department. We excel in crafting impactful disciplinary policies that not only maintain a respectful and productive workplace but also prevent any form of inappropriate or unlawful conduct. With our assistance, you can rest assured that your organization will have a comprehensive Disciplinary Policy tailored to your unique requirements.

How We Can Assist You Disciplinary Policy:

Drawing on our vast experience, we will work closely with you to develop a robust Disciplinary Policy, which will specifically suit your company. Our services encompass the following:

  • Notices: Clearly define the process for issuing notices to employees for violations.
  • Verbal and Written Warning Letters: Establishing a systematic approach for verbal and written warnings.
  • Deductions: Implementing strategies to avoid WPS blockage while applying appropriate deductions.
  • Suspensions: Outlining protocols for suspensions with or without pay in response to misconduct.
  • Termination: Establishing guidelines for termination with and without notice, ensuring compliance with labor laws.
  • Employment Ban: Addressing concerns related to employment bans as per regulatory guidelines.
  • Labor Complaints: Assisting with labor complaints and conflict resolution procedures.
  • Civil and Criminal Complaints: Offering guidance on handling civil and criminal complaints related to employee conduct.

With JR Legum as your partner, your organization can rely on a well-crafted Disciplinary Policy. Which promotes a harmonious work environment while safeguarding against legal risks. Trust our expertise to create a disciplinary framework that aligns with your values and ensures a productive and compliant workforce.