Demographic Diversity





Companies have been advised to prioritize ‘Demographic Diversity’ when hiring new employees.

This rule is not applicable to free zones. It is only applicable to mainland companies.

Some UAE companies have encountered difficulties in securing work permits for potential employees from certain South Asian countries. When applying for new visas for individuals from the same nationality as a majority of their workforce, these companies have been prompted by authorities to prioritize diversity in their hiring. Consequently, they have been advised to consider hiring individuals from different nationalities to promote a more varied workforce.

In 2022, the MoHRE unveiled a three-tier grading system, wherein promoting diversity in hiring was a requirement for companies to attain a higher classification, enabling them to receive reductions on work permits and transfer charges.

As per the MoHRE, the diversity policy strives to integrate the social and cultural diversity of the UAE into the fundamental principles of private sector companies. This involves fostering a varied cultural mix among their staff and providing fair job opportunities.

Establishments are required to prioritize nationality diversity in their hiring processes, with the first 20% of available quotas allocated to individuals of different nationalities. It’s essential to clarify that this procedure is aimed at promoting demographic diversity within the establishments, rather than favoring any specific nationality.